Road of Fury Desert Strike

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What is Road of Fury Desert Strike


Road of Fury Desert Strike belongs to the genre of fun shooting.
Join Rass on an important mission for Corp. Fight against the Horsemen gang that rules the wasteland and defeat their boss, Duke Mo.
Corporations currently have no extra money, but they pay for each enemy you kill. Hire drivers and upgrade your equipment. Road of Fury Desert Strike is the new and more intense Road of Fury than ever!
Get in the car and start your furious road adventure! By earning coins, you can equip weapons and protect trucks for your car, upgrade your equipment to go longer on the rampage road. You have to be hard enough to survive the rain shot. Are you ready to fight in the wasteland like a anxious person? Good luck!
How to play
Aim to shoot down enemies. 1-2-3 to activate weapon.


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