Roam Maze

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What is Roam Maze


Roam Maze may seem like a fun and easy game, but your job is pretty tough! You need to stop the enemies from invading your territory and make the world peaceful again.
You cannot get rid of enemies and they are about to invade your territory! As a brave hero, you must avoid this before they take your land.
Your aim is to turn all the black blocks yellow by touching them before time runs out. You can use WASD keys or arrow keys to control. At first, the game is easier, and you only have one character to play. As you continue the game, it gets harder. In addition, you will have different characters to unlock with the money you earn. You can also find power-ups hidden inside the blocks. When you finish turning all blocks into yellow, a new level will begin. Be careful! Enemies are going around! You have a lot of things to avoid like bats, traps, bombs, cloak shapes and red lines below. If you touch one of them, you lose your life!


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