Super Tank War

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What is Super Tank War


Super Tank War a fun shooting game. In this action-filled tank game, it's time to cause some messy situations. Enter the arena and face your enemies who are waiting for you in the dark.
Get ready to fight because you are about to enter the enemy base. This will be an explosion! In this game, your goal is to walk into the enemy base and pass each level to win. At each level, you will be surrounded by darkness. You will need to move and explore the place. The thing is, enemy tanks are lurking around every corner, so you should watch out. You need to kill all of them to move on to the next level. You can destroy the boxes you can see around to get more coins. Sometimes, there are little surprises hidden inside these boxes, like bombs! If you don't want to turn into a roast chicken, get out of there fast. After each battle, you can use coins to buy upgrades and new weapons. Wish you happy gaming!


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