Tap Tap Dash

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What is Tap Tap Dash


Tap Tap Dash is a fun jumping game in which you need to control a bird and tap to jump or change direction and complete a level without dropping the bird out of the way. It requires your quick response. You can challenge yourself through more than 100 levels. Help the bird jump further.
You have to try to go as far as possible through a series of very narrow mazes. If you cannot keep up the speed, you will fall into a gap.
Just touch the screen every time you see a green sign on the ground. These green signs indicate a jump or a turn, so if you don't touch the screen in time, you'll fall into a void.

The main difficulty is that your character moves at a considerable speed, and sometimes the green dots are really close together. However, if you get stuck with a level, you can always ask the snails for help. They slow things down, make the game easier.


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